A Guide for Tire Shredders

It is unfortunate when tires end up in landfills because they are not biodegradable. Hence the requirement rises for tire recycling machinery. The various tire components may be taken out and separated using tire shredders for reuse and recycling. Modern, patented knife technology, tested and refined in the difficult tire processing industry, is used in CM Shredders.


As the machine’s blades cut through thick rubber and metal during the tire shredding process, a lot of wear and strain is put on them. Tire recyclers must make a significant investment in high-quality equipment that is quick and simple to maintain if they want to run a lucrative business.



First Shredder


In every recycling line, the main shredder is often the first piece of machinery. The entire tire is cut into smaller, more manageable pieces in this initial stage. It may be necessary to first put the tires through a machine to remove the wire bead when recycling really big tires, such as those used in mining operations. This preliminary stage facilitates the remainder of the shredding procedure and may increase blade longevity.




In many lines, the grater—also referred to as the secondary shredder—processes the main shredder’s tire shreds into rubber bits that are two inches or smaller in size. Controlling particle size is frequently accomplished by adding a screen to the grater. The tire wire is also taken out at this stage of the procedure. This wire can be easily recycled with other waste metal but is tough on any machine’s blades. It can be eliminated now to improve the efficiency of the subsequent steps.





Crumb rubber, which consists of rubber grains smaller than what a tire grater can generate, is necessary for some waste rubber recycling applications. Recycling companies pour fresh rubber mulch into the granulator to create crumb rubber. It could take numerous machine runs to produce crumb rubber of a good caliber. Any residual impurities are also eliminated as it is ground into particles that are barely 3/8″ in size.




One will require a cracker mill if the final result for the company is rubber powder. This piece of equipment uses crumb rubber as input and reduces it to a powder that is so fine that it can only be measured in millimeters. This fine-textured material is tiny enough to be employed in the production of items like vehicle components, membranes, and even brand-new tires that need characteristics similar to those of rubber. Powder rubber continues to advance shredders industrial and find new uses. The manufacturers of tire shredders are constantly seeking methods to enhance the industrial shredder machine and find new markets for their workhorses in the recycling industry. This vital task is necessary for maintaining the health of our ecosystem.

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