How About A Caribbean Vacation?

Let us day dream for a while, shall we? Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine… white sand beaches, beautiful blue translucent waters and the sun brightly shining on the horizon, and a breeze going through your hair.

Can you hear the wonderful dance of the waves? How peaceful! There are no worries or cares in the world to disturb you. It is a perfect environment for relaxation and gives you a great sense of well-being.

The Caribbean is the number one destination for travelers around the world. Whether you are escaping just to be alone with your better half or taking your whole family there, the bright sun, warm waters, breathtaking landscapes of the islands make the ideal setting for a vacation that can be as luxurious, adventurous, peaceful or wild as you wish.

Let me give you an idea of what you may encounter in at least ten of those islands and what makes them so desirable:

Anguilla is a British oversees territory. It is known for its coral reefs. It has a quiet atmosphere and offers excellent snorkeling, horseback riding and bird watching (136 species).

Aruba is a favorite port for cruise ships. It has a Dutch feel. It offers many water sports activities, including some of the best windsurfing in the world. Shopping is abundant, with duty-free stores offering jewelry, perfume, linen, designer clothing and liquor. There are plenty of discos and nightclubs and gaming is legal and found at 11 resort casinos.

Barbados is bathed by two oceans; the Caribbean Sea on the west side and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, meeting on the southern shores where you find little hotels and lots of windsurfers. There is an exciting festival there, every year, at the end of the sugar-cane harvest. It is called Crop Over, lasts for five weeks and includes markets, carnival shows, calypso concerts and colorful parades.

Belize, formerly called British Honduras, has excellent fishing, safe waters for boating, scuba diving, and snorkeling, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, various jungle and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora, for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring, as well as many Maya ruins. It also has the largest cave system in Central America.

Grand Cayman is the best known of the Cayman Islands and it is home to the blue iguanas. Its capital city is George Town which is a shopping paradise. In addition to its shops, there are many local vendors and craftsmen throughout the districts who work from their homes. An amazing variety of local treasures await you, including shell jewelry, thatch work, wood carvings, crocheted items, pepper sauces, tropical fruit jams, honey and special figurines made out of Cayman’s semi-precious stones.


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