Plan a Perfect Tropical Holiday With a Caribbean Yacht Charter

The perfect getaway is one that you don’t plan to get away from. It is almost everyone’s desire to set off in the discovery of paradise-like places, with no map, and no intention of really getting anywhere. Although this may seem a little far-fetched, there are places where this is possible. And one of the best of these possibilities is the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands, or the West Indies, are an archipelago of over 7000 small islands, coves, reefs and cays enclosing the Caribbean Sea. They are known for their distinct culture which is a mixture of their origins and the remnants of colonial times, and even more so for the rich biodiversity which makes the Caribbean islands Conservation International’s Biodiversity hot-spots.

A Caribbean yacht charter gives you the most convenient way of experiencing the Caribbean islands. You can float around (literally) the 7000 islands and structures, anchoring where you please, swimming and snorkeling or just lazing around on beaches or the deck. You can explore the islands’ forests and scrub lands, enjoy local delicacies during the day leaving the yacht in the care of trained crew and personnel and head back to your luxury yacht for a romantic dinner under clear sky, cooked by your personal chef. It cannot get any better than this.


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