What You Need to Know About Tire Shredding Equipment to Get the Most Use Out of It

Tires are composed of many components that are difficult to separate, making tire recycling a very challenging procedure. For the purpose of preparing waste tires for recycling, tire shredding is a very popular technique. According to many laws, in order to be disposed of in a landfill, tires must first be broken down into four or more smaller pieces. Many businesses can be successful in selling shredded tires by making a profit on them thanks to investments in tire shredding equipment.



Tire shredding machines hold a particularly important position in Tire recycling


When it comes to a tire shredding machine, it has the ability to accomplish a significant task and understanding how these tire shredders operate is crucial.


Primary tire shredding machinery

The primary shredders industrial is the device that initially handles the scrap tire to reduce its size. Typically, a full tire fits inside of this shredder, turning it into a rough shred. Additionally, these shredders can have an hourly processing capacity from 10 to 30 tons of tires.



Industrial shredders

Tires can be shredded into consistent pieces by opting for an industrial shredder for sale. An industrial tire shredding machine produces chips when used with the appropriate screen. When used in conjunction with a shredder, these screens serve as a filter to make sure that only the proper size shreds are generated, recutting the larger pieces until they fit through the screen and are released. This type of system has more benefits because it guarantees that each shredded piece is of the same size.


Dual shaft shredders

Primary shreds, or rough shreds are often made using dual shaft shredders since they lack internal screening technology. However, when compared to single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders shred much faster and are reputed to be more dependable and last longer. Up to 30 tons of tires can be processed in an hour using a double shaft tire shredding machine with the ability to create rough shreds.



Tire shredding with a primary shredder is merely the first step; and the secondary shredders can in turn process the fragments. The secondary shredding process involves feeding the large tire fragments into a second shredder in which tire shreds are reduced into tiny chips. Following this, chips are put through a grinder, or grater so that the steel wire can be removed, and then subsequently a granulator or Crackermill for a finer rubber product.


In summary, after being processed through several types of industrial shredders and specialized screening processes, the tire is effectively recycled.

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