White and purple elephant strains- Are there any differences?

It has become a trend to grow cannabis from green weed seeds. Lots of consumers like to consume cannabis directly by purchasing them from stores. However, some people think of growing cannabis by sowing seeds.

Before buying regular seeds, caramelicious feminized seeds, and any other seeds, you have to know about the cannabis strains. Elephant strains have become highly popular among consumers. You can find them in two different shades- white and purple. But, does the white elephant strain differ from the purple one?

White Elephant is a blend of Purple Elephant and White Widow, and it has become a perfect choice for Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis lovers. However, Purple Elephant is a rare clone-only cannabis strain. This well-balanced hybrid strain has a considerable cerebral effect. It is a blend of Purple Urkle and another unknown strain. Moreover, while Purple Elephant has 50% THC, White Elephant has 18% to 22% THC.

Effects of White Elephant

White Elephant is one of the potent strains with 22% THC. Beginners can avoid smoking this marijuana strain. The euphoric effects are not initially high. You will feel more sociable while consuming this strain. Moreover, White Elephant can promote healthy conversation and uplift your mood. Although the White Widows can result in intense cerebral effects, White Elephant does not cause this problem. You will feel the best mental stimulation with this strain.

Effects of Purple Elephant

You cannot find much information about the Purple Elephant strain. Still, Purple Elephant consumers have claimed that it is a Sativa-dominant strain. The consumption of this strain can cause the mental high.

As the tolerance level of consumers is different, it is safe to consume it during the daytime. The Purple Elephant strain also causes a cerebral euphoric high. You will also feel the flow of thoughts while consuming this strain. Purple Elephant can release your tension can calm down your muscles.

Flavors of White Elephant

You will enjoy flavors of grapes and berries. White Elephant also delivers sweet note and ensures a refreshing savor of earthy pine.

Flavors of Purple Elephant

Purple Elephant gives you a delightful taste. Although it is harsh to smoke the strain, you will find a unique blend of woody flavor with a sweet berry note.

You can now look for the best stores to buy Elephant strains. You may also try to create the hybrid strains. Reliable stores sell several other weeds and Burma mushrooms.

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