What is a Malachite gemstone?

Malachite is a captivating gemstone that attracts attention to itself. This gem has fascinating swirls of brilliant green and is not understated in its looks. Malachite gemstone is a true stunner, even in its rough, raw state, with a color shade you don’t see very often in the crystal world. What is a Malachite gemstone?

Benefits of Citrine Gemstone

Citrine gemstone is very helpful with respect to the physical health of people. It impacts health by improving the well-functioning of the pancreas, immune system, liver, stomach, and intestine. It also raises circulation and reduces the toxicity level of our blood. It raises the quality of digestion. Benefits of Citrine Gemstone

All About Aquamarine Stone (Beruj Ratna)

Aquamarine Gemstone, also known as Beruj Ratna, flaunts one of the most distinctive colors among precious healing stones. Its bright color has consistently been associated with youth, wellness, and optimism. The fascinating tones of this magnificent blue gemstone span from mild to deep blues and are often connected with the sea All About Aquamarine Stone (Beruj …

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The Magnificent World of Malachite Gemstone

Malachite is a gorgeous deep green gemstone that has drawn people’s attention for a long time. In addition to their beauty, malachite gemstones are mystical healing gemstones with various healing abilities. Malachite is a semi-precious stone that offers several benefits to those who wear it. The Magnificent World of Malachite Gemstone