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Baccalaureate Classes provides well qualified and experienced IB English tutor in Gurgaon and Delhi. IB English course has two variants which are “English Literature” and “English Language and Literature”. The first assessment for these two courses will start from year 2021. The level of this course is quite high, therefore lot of students feel the need of IB English tuition. The English literature aims at exploring the various manifestations of literature as a particularly powerful mode of writing across cultures and throughout history. The course aims at developing an understanding of factors that contribute to the production and reception of literature. Our IB English tutor in Gurgaon encourages the students to develop the habit of creative writing and improve their interest in the literature. Our IB English tutors motivate the students to develop the skills to analyse the wide range of literary texts in a number of literary forms and from different times and places. The aims of studies in language and literature courses are to enable students to engage with a range of texts, in a variety of media and forms, from different periods, styles and cultures. It also aims to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, presenting and performing. Our IB English tutor in delhi and Noida always motivate the students to develop these skills. Another aim of this course is to develop skills in interpretation, analysis and evaluation. The next aim is to develop sensitivity to the formal and aesthetic qualities of texts and an appreciation of how they contribute to diverse responses and open up multiple meanings. Our IB English home tutor also motivates the students to develop an understanding of relationships between texts and a variety of perspectives, cultural contexts, and local and global issues.

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