Opal & Tourmaline – October Birthday Gift Ideas

The October birthstone is morganite, although the most common or modern gemstones are opal and tourmaline. Tourmaline, also commonly referred to as “pink emerald”. Opal and tourmaline are natural stones also associated with the month of October, with morganite being the rarest of the three. Morganite is found in almost every color of the rainbow. Unfortunately, this type of stone is prone to cracks, imperfections, and cracks. So, according to the gifts, of the three, opal is the most common birthstone. During the Renaissance Period of Europe, opal was considered a “mood ring” or type, indicating the status of the wearer. By the 14th century, however, it was thought that this stone was the catalyst for the development of the Black Plague. Also available in a variety of colors, black opal is considered the most valuable.

The attraction of the opal earrings appeals to women of all ages, from young girls to adults, making it an excellent gift for a variety of women. There are many types of jewelry available for women including opals. For people on a limited budget, a single opal in place of excellent silver, can be a great gift option. For those who have no money, black opals in platinum or titanium settings can create a wonderful gift for a loved one. Opal jewelry is found in traditional and modern designs. Opal is also fitted with pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

In addition, opals are also used to enhance the beauty of the exhibition pieces. For example, a crystal figurine with eyes created from opals gives a gift with a certain appeal of beauty. Opal can also be used to accentuate common elements, such as photo frames. There are some companies, such as Lost Sea Opals, that specialize in jewelry, especially for men who wear opals. Opal pieces, such as watches and bracelets, are made of rare metals such as bronze and nickel brush, to make the masculine feel.

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