Boulder Opal from Winton, Australia is the strongest and most brilliant form of Opal on the planet! Taking millions of years to form, Opal from the region of Winton marries to Ironstone found deep inside the earth creating a jaw dropping contrast of naturally dark Boulder with brilliant Gem Quality multi colored rainbow flash. Australian Boulder Opal Necklace from Winton can be brighter and have more color variation than other types of Opal. Due to it’s sedimentary nature Boulder Opal is the strongest form of Opal making it generational. The boulder Opal field in Queensland is the largest Opal field in the world producing everything from what miners call a “fun stone” to a top top quality investment gemstone.

As Australia moves into winter, the Opal mining season in Outback Queensland has commenced with miners preparing to search for this amazing gemstone. Because of the remote location invariably 300 miles out of the nearest town, for these opal miners, self-isolation comes naturally.

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