Precious Rings – Historical Myths and Beliefs

People love opal rings because of their creative designs and bright colors. As awe-inspiring as gemstones are, their historical tales and myths make it seem of little value. Modern fashion stones, such as amethyst, emerald, and opal, are not new. These stones are part of history, having existed for thousands of years in ancient societies.

Gemstones – Amethyst

The god of wine, also known as Bacchus, is revered in history for creating amethyst stones. Legend has it that in a fit of rage, Bacchus sent tigers to kill a virtuous girl, Amethyst. A woman named Diana saved Amethyst by turning it into quartz. Bacchus expressed his remorse for contaminating Amethyst’s purple body with a glass of wine. This myth led to the belief that amethyst protects against drunkenness, negative thoughts, poison, and illness. Some ancient civilizations used amethyst to protect their plants. Believing that they represent power and divinity, Christians and Catholics use amethyst in many religious symbols, including the Pope’s 15th-century ring.

Precious Rings – Emeralds

The history of the emeralds begins with the Aztecs and Incas of ancient South America. These civilizations used these green gems as symbols of religion. Early in Egypt, Cleopatra so loved emeralds that she mined many mines to quench her thirst for a glorious gem. The Romans used emeralds in their religious practices and believed that emeralds represented the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. More recently, emeralds have been used to promote love and intimacy, to improve brain function, and even to prevent epilepsy and seizures.

Gemstone Rings – Opals

Containing a combination of bright colors, opals seem to change with any change of light. Formed in prehistoric times, the natural gel of silica and water merged into the earth’s crust where it hardened to form opal. Ancient Australian societies thought that opals were stones that took away all the colors in the wood after the great creator appeared on Earth to spread harmony among all nations.

It was not popular until the Art Deco designs of the 1900s were created, ancient civilization believed that opals were powerful. The ancient Egyptians thought that opals seduced Marc Antony in Cleopatra, while the ancient Greeks believed that opals brought hope, foresight, and purity.

Amethysts, emeralds, and opals represent many of the high points in life today. The gemstones contain amethyst marks indicating the fourth, sixth, and seventeenth anniversary of the wedding and the birthstone of those born in February. The emeralds in the ring of gemstones represent twenty-three years of marriage, the signs of the Cancer and Taurus stars, and are the birthstone of the month of May. Opal is famous for its precious stone rings because of their beauty. They represent thirteen years of marriage and birthdays of October.

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