Why Australian Opal is the best in the world

Opal is blessed with extraordinary beauty, splendor and no more than those found in Australia. As a major source of this magnificent gemstone found in about 95 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, the Australian outback offers a rich, dry environment in which opals thrive. Although there are many mining towns across the country, the four main ones are Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs.

Not only the best opals found in Australian Opal Ring, but the best cutters are also found here; an important factor in calculating their level and final suitability. Other ingredients that go into determining the value of a stone are the color match, sparkle, body tone, flaws and opal category. Single opals that are more expensive than doublets or triplets that are gemstones are a small part of natural opal.

Body tone means an opal shade ranging from black opal to white. Dark colors are in high demand and are therefore attractive because the color scheme of opals looks better compared to these domains. Black opals are rare, making them even more valuable.

This “play of color” is what makes opals so appealing and this seems to be the best when the stone is usually the most valuable. It is caused by the diffusion of light into various silica-shaped spheres, from which opal is formed. For example, light passing through large spheres may appear red, while light passing through smaller spheres may appear blue or green.

Derived from the Greek word “opallos” meaning “visible change”, opal is classified as an amorphous non-crystalline gem mineral. It is made of silica liquid mixed with rotten greens and creatures. It is not just a solid gem with a hardness ratio of between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale (10 diamonds) and should be kept away from oil and ultrasonic purifiers.

Incorporating 10 percent water, opals accept the opportunity to wear as they need to absorb moisture from the area to stay wet.

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