Keralaponics Lotus Farm

Keralaponics Lotus Farm is the most popular Lotus and Water lily farm in Kerala

Our National flower Lotus is getting more popularity recently. More peoples are coming forward to grow and collect these beautiful plants all over India. Lotus flowers are seen in white, pink, yellow, red and a lot of their mixture. These colourful flowers attract everyone. Gardeners in Kerala are very crazy to own top varieties of lotus.

Keralaponics lotus farm is situated in Perurkada, Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala state.  It is the largest hybrid lotus and water lily farm in Kerala. It is also known as Keralponics thamarappadam. Keralaponics lotus farm is  the first Aqua-terraponics lotus farm in Kerala. Lotuses are growing happily in grow beds and in fish tank and the fish tank water filtered and circulated through the grow bed.

Keralaponics lotus farm have a great collection of 120+ varieties of lotuses and 60+ varieties of water lilies. Collection in Keralaponics thamarappadam includes lotus varieties like Akhila, Bucha, Miracle, White peony, Ultimate thousand petals, Yellow peony, Green apple, Red peony, Pink cloud, Amery camellia, Amery peony, Peak of pink, Liangli, Affection-16, Juwaba-13, Red Philip, Red commander, Thai hu lov deepes and more.

Lotus tubers and water lilies are available for sale online and off line in Keralaponics lotus farm. A lot of people are visiting daily the farm for seeing the lotus varieties and the cultivation methods.

Visit Keralaponics lotus farm and Face book page for more information on lotus and water lily.

Try to include at least one lotus in your garden.

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