Why one way vision films?

1. Protection from Privacy.

There are different types of vinyl used for branding on the glass window

  • White Vinyl
  • Frosted Vinyl
  • One Way Vision Films
  • Clear Vinyl (i.e 100% transparent) etc.

We required one-way vision films when it comes to protection from our privacy along with branding.

People  also knew the one-way vision films as a DOTED FILM

The drawback of the clear, white, and frosted film is when it is pasted-on gloss. A clear does not allow privacy of the inside due to full transparency from the outside and white & frosted film do not allow visibility from inside to outside through the glass.

A corporate house, hospitals, malls, real estate, and banking sector cover the entire gloss wall to keep in mind the privacy of their business, working manpower, and branding point of view. even retails shops are not behind branding on one-way vision film.

The concept of a one-way vision film is “It works perfectly when the outer side atmosphere is brighter compared to the inside.“

There is a human tendency of the mind to seeing bright color first and dark color later, on this concept a vinyl media is prepared. Outer side white base (printable), backside black (adhesive.

After placing on the glass window, In a daytime outer side is more bright compared to inside so only advertising message is displayed from the outside. While you are inside you will see a bright atmosphere through the gloss except for the black backing vinyl. Source

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