Creator Mate Steinforth reveals what brands need to know about AR on Instagram

Growing up, Mate Steinforth used to spend his time experimenting with graphics and video game design. Now, with over twenty years of experience in the creative sector, he works with brands to creative innovative AR filters.

As part of Instagram Deconstructed, he explains what advertisers need to know about working with AR—and how to best work with a creative on a new campaign.


For brands which are used to TV advertising or even video ads, experimenting with AR requires a different mindset.

“With TV, you have a centralised media that spreads out the information to all viewers,” says Mate.

In the age of internet advertising, the viewer is able to click away if they don’t like something.

The challenge then, is to “create something so good that the viewer will embrace it, because they want to see it.”

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