This Saudi football campaign shows the power of taking cultural moments online

Be inspired by how the #thereinspirit campaign brought young people together online around the Saudi pro football league—and read on to discover the top three takeaways.


When the Saudi pro football league resumed in August after a four month break, it was the perfect opportunity to bring the Kingdom’s young people together.

But with matches being played in empty stadiums and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions limiting fans’ ability to gather physically, the challenge became how to come together in support of the game while staying safe.

#thereinspirit was the answer. The campaign, which was Instagram’s first outreach program for teens in Saudi Arabia, encouraged young people to find creative ways to support their club from home—and the results show the power of the platform for taking big community events online.

The core of the campaign was a voice-activated filter with a confetti-like background showing the different colours of the clubs in the league. The filter also responded to commentary and cheers from the user…

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