What’s trending – drops: The Art Of Hype

What do a McDonald’s burger and a cutting-edge fashion designer have in common? A viral collaboration that sold out in seconds.

As made popular through a sales tactic in the fashion industry, limited releases – or drops – consist of releasing limited edition products or small collections that won’t be restocked. It’s no coincidence that drops became popular during the e-commerce boom: In an effort to meet the demands of an always-on shopper, small-batch launches and anticipated releases would make products feel more special and desirable by the masses.

Now, businesses from around the world are applying the drop strategy to different objectives. And this time, promoting less reveals more: a simple product post and a release date can seal a sale. The three examples below give us a glimpse of how the drop strategy is evolving to meet shopping desires and business needs, and also outline the different ways you can bring this trend to life with your own business… https://business.instagram.com/blog/trends-drops-limited-releases-on-instagram/

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