What’s trending – info-social: Creativity of the Movement

Digital activism gave rise to content that focuses on sharing information and educating communities. Now, businesses of all sizes are finding their own voices in the movement.

Over the past few months, info-social – a style of text-based content that aims to educate and inspire communities – has dominated Instagram. Digital activism, coupled with in-person organising, gave rise to this style as a means of sharing information and educating followers on topics such as racial injustice, climate change and local community outreach. Now, businesses are sharing important social issues with their customers too.

Visually striking and emboldened with text, info-social posts transformed Instagram carousels into bite-sized squares of information. Because these carousels are easy to share, they have the power to raise awareness on impactful issues, one slide at a time. These three examples highlight the ways that businesses are introducing the info-social trend to their content in new ways on Instagram… https://business.instagram.com/blog/trends-info-social-posts/

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