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Thinking about purchasing a new range hood and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices? Let’s help you make the decision a little easily. Today, we’re going to go over the various kinds of range hoods and some ventilation choices to give you a better idea of what you require for your kitchen.

The purpose of having a range hood is to help trap grease and decrease cooking smells, heat, smoke, & condensation by either dispersing them into the air or extracting them outside relying on the style of the range hood you pick.

For a range hood to be effective, this should be at the very least as wide as the range, preferably with an extra 3 inches on either side at the standard mounting height. And, the higher you mount the hood, the larger this needs to be. So be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before installing the hood. Check our site for best kitchen hobs, kitchen appliances, home appliances and much more.

Well, when we’ve gone over what the range hood should do, let us talk a little bit about the different kinds you could pick from.

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